Black and White Brownies…made with l♥ve by the Cookie Mama

This is the best recipe for brownies EVER.  My family actually requested these brownies for dessert on Christmas Eve, but I wanted to incorporate a new recipe so I baked “3 ingredient Nutella brownies” instead.  My family did love the “brownies two ways”, and all the other Christmas desserts I baked, but they still were craving these black and whites.  So to satisfy everyone’s cravings for our favorite brownies, I prepared a batch for New Year’s Eve.  We had our good family friends, the Phillips, over for New Year’s Eve.  It was low-key, but a ton of fun.  The kids played, there was a Dad versus kid “Nerf gun war”, there were snacks, and of course there were cocktails.  Laverne and Shirley, I mean Sheila and I, consumed most of the cocktails, but we did offer to share. ☺ We watched “the ball drop in Times Square” and then rang in the new year with a champagne toast.  Even the kids toasted the new year…with sparkling juice of course.  We had a great time, and we always have a great time when our families get together.

Shirley and Laverne take on "sour apple-tini's"

Ty and Ry waiting to ambush their sisters. ☺

There was this one time over the summer when the Moms had a bit too much fun, but that’s a story for another time.   Suffice to say we were “overserved”…even if Sheila/Shirley was doing the serving. ☺ I love love love that we are able to get the families together, despite the differences in the ages of our kids.  Our daughters are the same age, but Sheila’s son Tyler, is a freshman in high school, and Ryan is in the second grade.  Despite their huge age difference, they get along great.  Tyler is a fabulous guy, and he always takes time with Ryan.  Whether its video games, sports, or just hanging out, he makes Ryan feel like “one of the guys.”  Ryan thinks of Tyler as one of his friends, and as the Mom of an 8-year-old boy, I couldn’t ask for a better role model or friend for Ryan…it’s a great match.

Since last Saturday was New Year’s Eve, we of course have been talking about resolutions, or ideas for 2012.  Admittedly I am reluctant to share them as I feel that is a recipe for disaster.  I hate that phenomenon, where you share that you have been doing a better job of something, only to have circumstances change and there goes all your progress.  So in the attempt to actually keep a  resolution, I am choosing not to share them at this time.  I will share, however, that I am trying to clean up my language.  My choice of words has always been…colorful let’s say…so I am attempting to make it a bit more “PG rated” in 2012.  Granted this has been my new year’s resolution for probably the last decade, but hey it’s 2012 and the “eff’ing” Mayans predicted the world to end anyway so anything can happen right? ☺

Unfortunately, 2012 has been bittersweet already.  Shortly before the holidays a very good friend was diagnosed with M.S., and another very good friend lost her father four days after Christmas.  My heart aches for both of my friends, as it wasn’t that long ago that my family’s holiday season was overshadowed by bad news.  My Mom was in the hospital during the 2009 holiday season, and passed away January 25, 2010.  The holidays are a trying time for a lot of people anyway, add to that the heartache of illness and loss, and it can be overwhelming.  Fortunately my friends are incredibly strong and capable people,  and I am confident in their abilities to overcome.  I just wish it didn’t have to be so difficult for them.  One of the biggest obstacles in life for me is watching people suffer…especially the people I care about.  I have such a difficult time letting that go.  This speaks to exactly why I do not watch the news or read the newspaper any more…it’s just too depressing.

If there is an upside to bad news, I guess it is good news.  If there is an upside to loss, I guess it is memories.  I have been flooded with memories over the last few weeks.  Some of them weren’t great, but I am really trying to filter out the bad and only focus on the good.  Writing this blog helps me to focus on the good, and I am grateful for that.  In 2012, I hope there is a ton of good to write about, for me and for all of “my people.”  Happy 2012 everyone…I wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. ♥

Here is the link to the recipe:,1613,132179-255194,00.html

I omitted the pecans from my brownies, and I always substitute apple sauce for oil.

Enjoy. ♥

Happy New Year!!!


About THE cookie mama

I am not professionally trained in any way shape or form, BUT I come from a long line of really great cooks. I learned mostly by watching my parents and grandparents, and then replicating what they did. I love love love to cook and bake, and I love to share what I make with "my people."
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One Response to Black and White Brownies…made with l♥ve by the Cookie Mama

  1. You are absolutely correct…”This is the best recipe for brownies EVER”! Chewy brownie with a layer of fudge-like frosting and some white chocolate thrown into the mix. That describes the perfect dessert and combination of ingredients to put me into a near sugar coma. New Year’s was a good time even though I took several nerf dart shots to the head, courtesy of our daughter…”dead-eye” Vic. 😉

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