Cookies Galore…baked with l♥ve by The Cookie Mama

Hello again! As I mentioned in my previous post, there has been a cookie baking extravaganza going on over here.  In the past few weeks, I have baked six different batches of cookies. As I have mentioned before, I bake every week for the elementary school office staff and Ryan’s teacher.  Well that is the reason most of these cookies were baked. That said, I also baked “year end” cookies for Victoria’s teachers, and another batch just for fun.  I really hope you like cookies because this post is filled with them!  Chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite dessert, and my first love when it comes to baking.  A few years ago a did a “Cookie of the Week”  blog in which I made a new cookie recipe every week.  If you are interested, you can read all about it here:  Anyway, I still love to bake cookies and do bake them quite frequently.  In fact, I am actually thinking about resurrecting my “cookie of the week” project as I still love to bake cookies, and especially love to gift them. Actually, that’s why I acquired the moniker “cookie mama.”  It’s a nickname that my daughter came up with whilst I was doing the cookie of the week blog, and it kind of stuck.  To this day, I still love the nickname. I mean it you’re going to be known for something, I can’t think of anything sweeter than being known for baking really yummy cookies.  Okay…let’s get to it…

DSCN8834The first cookie recipe I tried was for chocolate chip toffee cookies. I love love love chocolate chip cookies, and I also love toffee. As soon as I saw this recipe, I knew immediately that I’d have to try it.  The cookies came out great, and the recipe made a ton of cookies.  I only baked off half of the batch, and then froze the other half for another day.  I would definitely make these cookies again, as they were pretty yummy.  My cookies didn’t turn out like the cookies in the picture though.  My cookies were not as flat as those cookies pictured…mine puffed up a bit more.  Oh well, they were still cute and really delicious.  Here is the link to the recipe that I used:

The next recipe I tried was for Texas sheet cake cookies.  Okay, so I absolutely LOVE TexasDSCN9825 sheet cake, but I’ve never actually made one.  I’ve made Texas sheet cake cupcakes, and now cookies, but never the actual cake…weird.  Anyway, as soon as I saw the recipe for these cookies, I knew it was a done deal. I’d never eaten Texas sheet cake until I went to a party at my good friend Amy’s house back in 2004.  She had made one  for the party, and I fell in love with it immediately.  It’s like a cross between a chocolate cake and a brownie…YUM.  So I guess I owe Amy for my love of all things Texas sheet cake…thanks Amy!!!   Well I am happy to report that these cookies came out great! I will totally make them again.  Here is the link to the recipe that I used:

DSCN9829The next recipe I tried was Momofuku’s cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookies. Phew what a mouthful.  Apparently “Momofuku Milk Bar” is a bakery in NYC, and they make these cookies.  I’d never heard of that bakery before, but I saw this copycat recipe on Pinterest, and the cookies looked really interesting.  I mean come on…marshmallow, cornflakes, and chocolate chips in a cookie??  Yes please!  As a vegetarian I use vegan marshmallows…yes there really is such a thing.  I am happy to report that these cookies turned out great!  They are crispy and chewy, which is my favorite cookie texture, and they are really tasty.  I would definitely make these again.  If I ever see a Momofuku Milk Bar, I will definitely check it out.  Until then I will happily make these cookies at home.  As a side note, I think it would be cool to try these cookies with frosted flakes instead of cornflakes sometime. Here is the link to the recipe that I used:

The next cookie I made was a “year end” gift for Victoria’s teachers…chocolate pinwheel NutellaDSCN9827 sandwich cookies. I made the chocolate pinwheels a few months back and had an extra log of dough in the freezer.  I decided to bake them off, and then use them to make cookie sandwiches. I love me a cookie sandwich, and I am totally smitten with Nutella.  It’s great on graham crackers, pretzels, and strawberries. If I am being honest, I have to admit that my favorite way to eat Nutella is with a spoon…OMG heaven!  Anyway, I made the pinwheel cookies, and made Nutella sandwiches with them.  In a word…perfection. Victoria’s teachers loved the cookies, and I would definitely make them again.  Here is the link to the recipe that I used: 

securedownload (5)The next recipe was for peanut butter blossoms.  I have made these cookies in the past, but it’s been quite a bit since I made them last. The kids and I were at home, waiting for the pool guy to show up with our pool water, so I baked these cookies to pass the time.  I mean, what better to way to pass time right? 🙂  Since I didn’t have any Hershey’s kisses, I broke up a few Hershey bars and used them instead.  I guess necessity really is the mother of invention 😉  Here is the link to the recipe:

The last cookie I made was my favorite. I am sure you know by now that chocolate chip cookies DSCN9359are my favorite dessert in the whole world.  I have loved them since I was a kid. I used to dream about them actually…okay I guess that speaks volumes huh?? 😉 Well this recipe is different because it is the original chocolate chip cookie recipe created by Ruth Wakefield in the 1930’s. Ruth Wakefield was a dietician and food lecturer, and she literally made the cookies by accident. The story goes that she was attempting to make butter cookies for the guests at her family’s Inn named…wait for it…The Toll House Inn.  She decided to make chocolate butter cookies, but discovered that she was all out of baking chocolate.  So she improvised and added two Nestle semi-sweet chocolate bars that she broke into pieces.  Expecting the chocolate to melt into the dough, she was surprised to see that when she took the cookies out of the oven, the pieces were still intact.  At the time, she called her creations “Toll House Crunch Cookies.” the name evolved to chocolate chip cookies. The cookies became extremely popular locally, and her recipe was published in a Boston newspaper. Ruth’s “Toll House Crunch Cookie’s” popularity increased, as did the sales of Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate bars. Andrew Nestle and Ruth Wakefield came up with an agreement. Nestle would print the Toll House Cookie recipe on its package, and Ruth Wakefield would be given a lifetime supply of Nestle chocolate in return. Additionally, Nestle then began to produce semi-sweet chocolate morsels that we know today as chocolate chips. All I have to say thank goodness Ruth Wakefield messed up. I mean talk about your happy accidents!! Speaking of happy accidents, I happened across her recipe and knew immediately that I had to try it. Here’s the link to the recipe from the 1948 edition of Wakefield’s “Toll House Tried and True Recipes.”  I am happy to report that the cookies were great and I will happily make them again.  THANK YOU RUTH WAKEFIELD…I THINK I LOVE YOU!!! 

As I write this, the kids and I are gearing up to go to the lavender festival.  We used to go every year, but now we only go every couple years or so.  The one thing I am really looking forward to is eating the lovely lavender lemon scones provided by “Victoria’s Delights.”  They have a tent at every festival, and the scones are AMAZING! To go with the scones, we always get lavender lemonade to drink…delish!  I am super excited to go to the festival, and check out the vendors and the treats.  If you are interested in the festival, check out the website:  If you are in the area, check it out…it’s pretty cool.

I hope you enjoy the cookies, we sure did!  Enjoy! ♥♥ 




About THE cookie mama

I am not professionally trained in any way shape or form, BUT I come from a long line of really great cooks. I learned mostly by watching my parents and grandparents, and then replicating what they did. I love love love to cook and bake, and I love to share what I make with "my people."
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2 Responses to Cookies Galore…baked with l♥ve by The Cookie Mama

  1. jidojimmy says:

    great blog as always…i think you missed your calling as you are a great baker and awesome writer. not too bad as a mother, wife and daughter either. i love you kiki !!!

  2. Thanks Dad. Love you too xo

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